Interveiw with Naturepoly Founder Luna about our PLA Straw

Q1: What is a PLA?

Luna: PLA stands for Polylactic Acid. It is made, under controlled conditions from fermented plant like corn starch,cassava, sugarcane and sugar beet pulp. It is transparent and hard.

Q2: Are your products customizable?

Luna: Yes. We offer personalized products, such as printing logo, graphic designs and slogans on the straw, coloured straws corresponding to the pantone colour specified by client. There is also an enhanced version of PLA straw to make sure that they can penetrate the film covering disposable cups, specifically designed for our bubble-tea-shop clients.

Q3: Where can PLA straws be used?

Luna: Bubble tea shops, coffee shops,bars, clubs, restraunts, at home and parties.

Q4:Biodegradable straws are making history, as the world shifts away from single use plastic(SUP). What other innovative alternatives to SUP do you have in store for us?

Luna: The reduction of using plastics in the restaurants and tea houses is not enough. We spotted a need for eco-friendly solutions in the industrial straw segment, like the small U-shaped and telescopic straws attached to children's juice and milk boxes.

It meant overcoming the challenges of manufacturing the smaller size of 0.29 inches/7.5 millimeters and developing a more sophisticated PLA recipe for stronger straws that can prick through the seal of a drink box. Besides, we are among the first producers in the world who provide heat-resistant PLA straws. Our straws can resist temperatures up to 80°Celsius.

Q5: How long does the straw take to degrade?

Luna: The biodegradability and compostability of our products have passed the tests conducted by TUV Austria, Bureau Vitas and FDA. In an industrial composting environment, the straw breaks down completely in 180 days.

In the home composting environment, the PLA straw degrades completely in about 2 years. (Compost with kitchen waste).

In the natural environment, the straw takes about 3 to 5 years to degrade completely.

Q6: How heat-resisitant can your PLA straw be?

Luna: The maximum heat-resisting temperature of our PLA straw is 80°Celsius.

Post time: Mar-08-2021